Specialised Studies

Rain Penetration Study

When a droplet fall, an equilibrium quickly establishes between two forces, gravity (downward) and aerodynamic drag (upward). The resulting velocity is called the terminal velocity, or simply fall speed, Vt.

The gravitational force is proportional to the drop mass m, hence the 3rd power of its diameter D, while the frictional force is proportional to the cross-sectional area A of the drop, hence the 2nd power of D. The force balance is as follows:

m g = Cd r Vt2 A

Rain droplet chart

Rain Penetration Analysis.

Data Center CFD Simulation Works


EAG’s works include analysis of airflow patterns and distribution in a data center has a critical effect on the effectiveness of the cooling system. The use of CFD allows the identification of hot spots or high temperatures through an analysis of the airflow and temperature patterns and distribution.

Hot air circulation diagram.