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Propose Ecohouse, Oman

Client       : University of Nizwa Location   : Oman                                                   Year         : 2012 EAG was appointed to conduct an environmental simulation on Ecohouse in Oman and calculate a baseline energy efficiency model and compared this with the proposed design solution. EAG roles in the project is to recommend and enhance […]

Data Center Japan 01

Client       : PTS Consulting Location   : Tokyo, Japan Year         : 2005 A detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis was conducted successfully on the Data Centre, Japan. The technical specifications of the mechanical ventilation system supplied by the Engineers were also considered; The CFD analysis included basic modeling […]

Civil Defense & Immigration Complex

Client      : Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi, UAE Location  : Abu Dhabi, UAE Year        : 2011 EAG was appointed to do a pre-assessment study on the design of a government complex to identify the Green points to achieve Estidama 2 Pearls.  The current design has achieved a score of 23 […]

Cultural Center Theatre

Client        : Ministry of Public Works, Dubai Location    : Abu Dhabi, UAE Year          : 2010 In collaboration with Ministry of Public Works Dubai, EAG was appointed to provide general advisory on green, solar sun path studies, green checklist. The implementation of green strategies by EAG was based on USGBC LEED system with the spirits […]

Madinat AZ-Zayed Al-Gharbia

Client             : In collaboration with AIK S/B Location         : Abu Dhabi, UAE Year              : 2008 In collaboration with a local architect, EAG articulated the environmental mission of Medinat-AzZayed Al-Gharbia proposed development that is to create a full scale garden […]

The Grand Expansion of the Al-Haram Grand Mosque

Client      : Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. Location  : Makkah, Saudi Arabia Year        : 2008             EAG acted as environmental consultants to evaluate both the organic and permeable massing and layout of the complex and its individual features. The increase shaded areas throughout April – October- through […]