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Atrium Roof Design – Space U8 Mixed Development

The team assisted the developer, the architect and the engineering team in proposing and fine-tuning a proposed development of a large commercial centre with a large plaza space surrounded by multi-level shops interspersed with entrances at the ground floor. EAG investigated the effect of wind flow, natural ventilation and thermal comfort of covered atria. CFD […]

Atrium Roof Profile – TTDI Plaza & Residence

EAG acted as environmental consultant to gain insight into wind conditions and temperature distribution in semi-opened spaces and link findings to issues of thermal comfort in the tropics. From a range of vertical and horizontal profiles, temperature and pressure distribution in the plaza and high-rises i.e. selected levels i.e. near ground level, at mid- level […]

Proposed Grand Expansion of Al-Haram Mosque

EAG acted as environmental consultants to evaluate the massing and layout of the complex and its individual features. The shaded areas throughout April – October- through proposed massing and canopy structures, layers and terraces that self shade each other were evaluated and assessed. Larger openings on facades should be inward-looking where outward-facing openings are reduced. […]