WWF Headquarters, PJCC

Client: WWF Malaysia

Location: Petaling Jaya Commercial Centre (PJCC)

Year: 2013

EAG is contracted as the LEED green building consultant for the new WWF headquarters in Petaling Jaya Commercial City (PJCC). Currently in the construction stage, EAG is providing partial advisory services to produce a carbon conscious workplace while targeting the LEED Commercial Interior certification. Among the strategies to achieve the certification is by comparing energy use between the VRV Air Conditioning System and Air Cooled Split Unit. Other targeted areas are based on the WWF GO (Green Office) manual which includes energy consumption, transportation, paper consumption, water consumption and waste generation.

The WWF GO manual states the benefits of a sustainable organisation as reducing their ecological footprint, practicing a sustainable lifestyle, combating climate change and enhancing cost savings. WWF also encourages a Green and Sustainable Policy which may be constructed differently to suit different countries’ needs.