Tabung Haji Hotel & Convention Center

Client               : Lembaga Tabung Haji
Location           : Sepang, Selangor                                
Year                : 2011
Cost                : RM270mil

EAG is appointed as green building consultant to achieve GBI certification for the complex on green, solar sun path studies, green checklist. The project will boast 3 blocks of hotel, and one convention center that will be used mainly for Hajj departure. One of the major design features is the light tube inside the atrium of the hotel buildings. With the tapering shape, the external design of the hotel maximizes daylight to hotel rooms but would limit the amount of daylight in the common spaces. The light tube feature expands this possibility by reflecting diffused lights into the interior creating a subtle and cozy atmosphere whilst reducing the need for artificial lighting in the day. The project is targeting GBI CERTIFIED.