Mesra Terrace

Client       : Palam Mesra Sdn. Bhd.
Location   : Segambut Tengah, Kuala Lumpur       
Year         : 2005

The widespread availability of air-conditioning technology and the rising income and lifestyle of city dwellers has brought about the predominant use of air-conditioning as a means of daytime and nighttime comfort cooling. This project analyzed the impact of selected features in a residential development consisting of 36 units of semi-detached and 4 units terrace houses in a gated community. Each unit features of a four-storey structure with a double frontage design, foyer space in the ground level, dining, kitchen and living room in the 1st floor bedrooms and family rooms in the 3rd and 4th level. Built-up area ranged from 3719 to 4333 sq. ft.  The units are aligned in a courtyard arrangement with a central communal garden with communal facilities such as gym and multi-purpose hall located at opposite ends of the courtyard. Of particular interest is the impact of the   use of double cavity brick as external wall material in the first three levels of the house – particularly in terms of reducing the heat gain into the internal space. The impact in terms of reduction in energy use and improved occupant comfort are also of interest.  Ecological features implemented in the development but   not tested in this study include a rain harvesting system which collects rainwater for landscape maintenance in the development.