Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2)

Client       : Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Location   : Sepang, Selangor                                
Year        : 2010-on going
Cost        : RM3.5bil

EAG is contracted as LEED and local GBI green building consultant for proposed new KLIA2 in Sepang. Currently in construction stage, EAG is providing advisory calculations and simulation works to achieve the target of LEED gold and GBI gold for the airport masterplan.EAG has been appoint as the main LEED and GBI Certification consultant to;

  • Propose Masterplan scorecard and implications in terms of costs and impact to consultant design and construction.
  • Propose LEED strategies to fulfill the requirements of LEED scorecard in the various categories which falls under masterplan points.
  • Coordinate with airport terminal package to outline, detail and implement collaborative credit points and highlighting how points and subsequent costs will be distributed
  • Coordinate, brief and advise for the various construction packages to achieve the master plan points.
  • Advise, monitor the credit achievement for master plan points
  • Coordinate and achieve the following points under these areas:

                        -Storm water management

                        -Reduce urban heat island

                        -Public transportation access

                        -Parking Capacity

  • Documentation and submission for LEED certification plan for overall terminal and associated masterplan boundary in order to achieve the targeted levels. This includes to develop and monitor the implementation of LEED and GBI certification Plan for overall site including ;

             Specific credit such as stormwater, landscape and environmental management plan

  • Manage and implement the above said overall Certification Plan, including designation of specific LEED calculations, templates, back-up documentation for Certification by other members of the Project Team and also to provide monthly project progress update pursuant to monthly meetings.
  • Compilation and submission of documentation for LEED Design Review Submission to USGBC ( United State Green Building Council )and GBI Design and Construction Review

Klia2 Low Carbon Initiative

As a part of the effort to achieve LEED Gold certification, MAHB will be pursuing a low carbon emission initiative for klia2. The initiative includes a low emission vehicle policy to be pursued towards the year 2020, energy saving features incorporated in the airport design stage, increased use of alternative transportation, as well as operational and technological sustainable strategies by major airlines. EAG’s scope includes analytical calculation of current and future carbon emissions in KLIA and creating a reduced figure as a target to pursue in coming years. To estimate the potential carbon emissions of klia2 in terms of energy, calculations are done to produce baseline energy index (BEI). Major sources of carbon emissions from KLIA are emissions from airlines and land transportation.