F&N Basement Carpark

Client         : Maxply Sdn. Bhd.
Location     : Kuala Lumpur
Year           : 2008

Fire and smoke CFD simulation for basement car park is a useful tool to further understand the performance of a ventilation system in case of fire, prediction of the smoke concentration in the car park and how it changes with time. The faster the smoke is removed the better the ventilation system. In this project a Set of axial jet fans are used to move the air between the supply and the exhaust positions. The fire source size is simulated as a 5 MW of heat with smoke generation functions. The time duration of the fire is simulated as two minutes, and then the transient simulation continues for about fifteen minutes to study the ventilation system and the smoke concentration changes. The general performance for all the simulated cases revealed a persistent tendency for the smoke to flow from the fire affected zone mode to the other zones, which are operating at the normal mode. Jet fans operating on the high speed during the fire mode potentially can distribute the smoke to the other zones, so it was recommended to keep the jet fans at the low speed or turn off completely to reduce smoke distribution.