Civil Defense & Immigration Complex

Client      : Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Location  : Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year        : 2011

EAG was appointed to do a pre-assessment study on the design of a government complex to identify the Green points to achieve Estidama 2 Pearls.  The current design has achieved a score of 23 points and is basically has adequate green areas within its master plan. The orientation of the main block is optimum with longer facades facing north and south the courtyard present a thermal amelioration strategy in such building types.

By applying the Estidama, the development would be able to achieve more energy efficient than a conventional building while addressing environmentally friendly issues. At the minimum, the building would be able to get a 20% reduction of energy consumption with the strategies herein and obtaining Estidama 2 Pearls Rating, which also translates to reducing the amount of CO2 emissions significantly and offsetting significant amount of electricity bills annually. The development will also be able to reduce water use by more than 30% and divert the amount of waste sent to the landfill by 50%.

This is a huge leap from conventional practices as the enhancements allow the integration of environmental features in the design, during construction and well after occupancy. The development shall apply an Integrated Development Strategy while complying with the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Authorities. Green building is achieved by applying multiple strategies into various stages of the development. In essence, the development aspires to achieve the following;

  • Utilizing natural daylight to offset electric lighting
  • Specifying energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems
  • Passive strategies and also addressing the cultural issues

These are in line with the spirit of Estidama.