Atrium Roof Profile – TTDI Plaza & Residence

EAG acted as environmental consultant to gain insight into wind conditions and temperature distribution in semi-opened spaces and link findings to issues of thermal comfort in the tropics. From a range of vertical and horizontal profiles, temperature and pressure distribution in the plaza and high-rises i.e. selected levels i.e. near ground level, at mid- level and at upper levels – improvements are tested to further enhance comfort and alleviate discomfort.

The plaza is studied in terms of the three-stacked thermal zones where air movement and thermal stratification are studied and design options tested. Shading analysis was undertaken for the apartments and the output of EAG work was used as a marketing tool for the developer.

Final design enhancements to improve comfort conditions

  1. Shop-lot parapet-wall raised 1.2m to underneath canopy
  2. Stack-roof extended 1.0m above canopy
  3. Skylight-glass to be low-e glass